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Farms / Lands: Code: 517
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Farms / Lands: Code: 517
Localization: Tangara da Serra - Tangara Da Serra-MT
Total area: 2.202 ha
Open area: 1.694 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - fattening - soy
Price: 0,00 per Hectare
Payment: To Combine
Improvements: 03 houses.
Animals: 10 units.
Cattle: 20 units.
A Toyota Bandeirantes.
A Tractor Valnet 118.
A Tractor Mass 50 Artezian well
A Turbine 12Kwa
Energy NET - CEMAT.
60 divisions of pastures.
P.S: Very good land.

Farms / Lands: Code: 516
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Farms / Lands: Code: 516
Localization: Pontes the Lacerda - Pontes E Lacerda-MT
Total area: 3.982 ha
Open area: 3.185 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - fattening - Riseng
Price: 1.310,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: To Combine
Total area of 3.982 hectares - 60% formed in pastures, and the remaining in native pastures, totally structured for cattle handle, with 35 pastures divisions, more than 100 miles of fences in hardwood and flat wire;
- runners to access all the pastures;
- distant of the city of Pontes and Lacerda just 28 km;
- corral with scale and brete, totally footwear, with capacity for 1.000 cattles, with 30% of covered area - completely in hardwood;
- hangar for machines shelter and deposit of salt and other materials;
- lodging with 6 bedrooms;
- house for manager, with tavern;
- 3 houses for employees;
- main house with office, in masonry, new;
- electric energy;
- telephone;
- 1 supply house 8 km of the main house with 02 houses and corral;
- 03 tractors: 01CBT, year 86, in great conservation state, it is always in the active, with sheet, leirador, shell, bars roma, leveling bars, plow with 4 basins; 01 Massey-Fergusson, year 86, in great conservation state, it is always in the active, with sheet, leirador, bars roma; 01 Massey-Fergusson, type 65, with cart of 4 wheels; and 01 tank of pulling fuel, with capacity for 2000 liters.
- 1 van Hilux year 2005;
- 30 work animals (troop).

Farms / Lands: Code: 449
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Farms / Lands: Code: 449
Localization: Gurupi - Gurupi-TO
Total area: 3.533 ha
Open area: 2.178 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - Farming
Price: 3.250.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: Should !!!
Should !!!

Farm located in Gurupi - TO, with total area of 3533 hectares, being 2178 formed hectares, main house and new corral, 23 pasture divisions, corridor, area glides, good of water, edge river, very good of structure.
Documentation ok, everything in days.

Farms / Lands: Code: 307
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Farms / Lands: Code: 307
Localization: 120 miles of Cuiabá - Nova Brasilandia-MT
Total area: 5.500 ha
Open area: 3.575 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - Fattening - Soy
Price: 0,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: A combinar
5.500 hectares of lands in savannah of fertile soil with 38% of clay that will be given clean and deforested according to authorization of the Institute of State of Forests (IEF).

The area possesses a high rain index of 2500mm annual, that it propitiates the planting of the most varied cultures. Finance also possesses several nascent and streams for all his/her extension. The topography is 70% glides, and the other ones 30% should be maintained with natural vegetation for nature reserve ends protected in agreement with the regulation of the competent local organs, therefore it is permitted a vast variety in ways of use of the farm (creation, planting, etc.).

The area divides with producing of soy and cattle breeders, and it is located in an area characterized by the high valorization of lands and for being pioneering in the great productions such as agricultural as livestock.

It is located to 40 km of the municipal district of Planalto da Serra/MT, 80 km of the municipal district of Nova Brasilândia/MT, 200 km of Cuiabá/MT and 200 km of Primavera do Leste/MT, in the area where was discovered the largest bed of phosphate of Brazil recently.

· It is in construction phase a highway that will be 3 km of the farm.

· Easy access to the calcareous powder, only 35 km of the place.

Farms / Lands: Code: 299
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Farms / Lands: Code: 299
Localization: 50 miles from Vila Rica - Vila Rica-MT
Total area: 24.645 ha
Open area: 10.000 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - Raising
Price: 15.000.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: It can be negotiated
Farm with 24,645 hectares (100% glide), being 10,000
hectares of pastures.
- 180 miles of fence, 72 pasture divisions.
- 60 miles of internal rodas.
- Great main house (Masonry)
- Communication (phone, cellular and amateur radio)
- Rural electric power.
- Leisure area.
- House of Manager (Masonry)
- House of Driver (Masonry)
- Large tent for deposits (Masonry)
- Storeroom of pieces (Masonry)
- Complete office (Masonry)
- School recognized by MEC (Masonry)
- Butcher shop (Masonry)
- Garage completes (Masonry)
- Large tent for machines
- Stationary motors house (Masonry)
- Combustible tank with bomb for 20.000 liters
- Sawmill completes
- Several houses of employees (Masonry and Wood)
- Water box for 15.000 liters
- Landing track compacted and paved with 1.000 meters for
small and averages aircrafts
- Retreats.
- Suport house: several masonry houses and wood with corral to
handle 6.000 cattle.
- Excellent of water in all the partitions
- All enclosed with flat wire and boundary with river
- Glide area (100%)
Cities of Support:
- Vila Rica-MT (50 miles)
- Confreza-MT (40 milesKm)
- Santa Terezinha-MT (40 miles)

Farms / Lands: Code: 241
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Farms / Lands: Code: 241
Localization: 44 miles from Agua Boa - Agua Boa-MT
Total area: 3.310 ha
Open area: 2.210 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - Soy
Price: 3.912.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: Entrance + 2 parcels
Area in ascension, with 130 thousand planted hectares, great productivity, abundant rains.
Farm with plain topography, with 3.310 hectares, with 1.300 planted (1.150 hectares in soy + 150 hectares in rice), of 2, 3, 4 year; with more 600 hectares in pastures (braquiarão), + 300 Hectares in savannah broken and totally burned arable; 350 hectares of varjão (used as pastures); All enclosed, several divisions, 08 dams and river in the bottoms, big and new corral with scale, erect highways for the whole farm, large tent for machines of 1000 m2, artesian well, call, electric power, 03 good houses; Distant 70 km of Good Water; 40 km of New Nazareth; 40 km of the asphalt (shortly to 17 km of the asphalt, paving works soon will be initiate), to 60 km of the limestone (it freights cheap); With 20% of protocoled reservation, 05 register. INCLUDE: 06 tractors (03 4X4 + 03 4X2),02 bazookas (01 for big bag-15000 kgs. + 01 would park cap. 36000kgs), 02 pulverizers 2000 lts, 02 planting machines with 12 lines, 01 planting machine with 08 lines, 01 seeding machine wth 22 lines, 01 seeding machine with 13 lines, 01 cutter, 01 tank of water, 01 tractor cart (02 wheels), 01 plow, 01 subsolador, 01 calcariadeira cap. 5000 kgs, 03 grating rome, 03 leveling grating, 01 van mod D-20 year 1992. It is ACCEPTED EXCHANGES WITH PROPERTY OF SMALLER VALUE (40%) IN the NORTH AREA OF PARANA.

Farms / Lands: Code: 229
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Farms / Lands: Code: 229
Localization: 30 miles of Nova Crixás - Nova Crixas-GO
Total area: 2.337 ha
Open area: 1.400 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - Raising
Price: 3.500.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: It can be negotiated
Farm located in Nova Crixás - GO, 30 miles of New Crixás and 400km of Goiânia.
Total area of 2337 hectares, being 1400 hectares formed in brachiarão and andropogon. There are 516 hectares in forest to be explored. Legal reserve of 20% protocoled
in registry office.
All enclosed in wire flat(5 threads and hard-wood), 20 pastures divisions, 12 dams, covered hods, corridor, main house, workers house, 2 large tents, 1 corral for 1500 oxen, electric power.

Farms / Lands: Code: 224
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Farms / Lands: Code: 224
Localization: 110 miles of Agua Boa - Agua Boa-MT
Total area: 40.000 ha
Open area: 15.000 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - Raising - Fattering
Price: 16.000.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: 40% entrance + 3 years
Farm of 40 000 hectares, with 15 000 hectares formed in pastures.
It possesses eletric energy by motor, landing track, large tent, office, 2 retreats with corral, 3 houses of employees, 70 divisions of pastures, good of water and of land, sawmill, joinery, canalized water. All enclosed with flat wire(fences), cutted by the river forquilha, in the edge of the river Rio das Mortes, great Documentation.
Topography glides.

Farms / Lands: Code: 223
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Farms / Lands: Code: 223
Localization: 14 miles of Amambai - Amambai-MS
Total area: 429 ha
Open area: 320 ha
Main purpose: Soy - Cotton
Price: 290 soy bag of 27lb
Payment: Exchange
The farm is located, in the edge of the asphalt, 14 miles of Amambai-MS. It exists in her a house of old wood, an artesian well with box fiber(for water) with 10.000 liters and bomb with 8.000liters/hour, a workshop of 15 x 20m with storeroom and balcony to keep conspires, a washer, a wood hangar with aeration aeolian in the roof to keep seeds, a masonry hangar to keep in poison packings, a tank of diesel oil of 5000 liters suspended in concrete pillars, an eletric transformer of 30 kwa.
The soil is mixed with approximately 35% of clay, it varies of 50% ties 20% in agreement with the area. The area was corrected recently with whitewash and super simple(P). It is completely corrected.

Farms / Lands: Code: 222
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Farms / Lands: Code: 222
Localization: 44 miles from Campo Novo Parecis - Campo Novo Do Parecis-MT
Total area: 4.960 ha
Open area: 3.800 ha
Main purpose: Soy
Price: 3.400.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: Entrance + 3 years
Farm with 3.000 hectares of farming(soy), 800 hectares broken/opened, Large tent for machines, main house, lodging for employees, Loamy 12% to 45% of clay, Altitude 370 to 400 mts.
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