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I, owner of the property related in this inclusion through internet, AUTHORIZE, MTFAZENDAS.COM.BR, through Helton K. Peres, CRECI-F 2.891 - 19ª Zone, as well as through other partners, to intermediate the sale of the property in subject. The authorization includes all of the inherent actions to the realtor's activities. Having alteration of the information of the property, the owner commits to render the information for the updating in the site, taking the responsibility for the informed data. To present authorization it is granted for period of 30 (thirty) days, starting from this date, postponable for equal period, and it won't cart obligation, costs or expenses between MTFAZENDAS.COM.BR and the owner. Happening the sale of the property through MTFAZENDAS.COM.BR, the owner will arch with the Fees in the value of 6% (six) percent, under the total value of the sale, owed by occasion of the reception of the sign and/or you parcel out enough to the covering of the retribution of services. MTFAZENDAS.COM.BR besides the intermediation will also works with render juridical consultantship.

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