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Farms / Lands: Code: 423
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Farms / Lands: Code: 423
Localization: Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte-MG
Total area: 16.000 ha
Open area: 5.000 ha
Main purpose: Production of alcohol
Price: 100.000.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: It can be negotiated

1 - Plant with an area of 16.000 hectares ready for beginning the grinding, and 5.000 for beginning the planting and the remaining in a few months. And it will begin to plant in all the remaining area.
This Plant has been installed one year ago and It will begin to work this year.

2 - Capacity of the plant now starting from July it will be of 350.000 liters/day, 04 suits of mills 30 x 54 complete (dedini), equipped with arrastos mats with donelli in all the suits. New kettles and all the equipments of high quality.

3 - GRINDING - 1.000.000 TONS/CROP

4 - Vary scales, tractors and other machines.

5 - Own area to be planted of 16.000 hectares.

6 - The environmental documentation is all regularized the environmental agencies.

In the agricultural section, it is included the following items: agricultural workshop, all the implements, trucks, tractors, all the agricultural machines.



Total value U$ 100.000.000,00 (One Hundred Million Dollars)

This plant is new, and it began to operate in July/2007, and it has excellent logistics place, and with land of high quality, with a great sucrose level, the production level for hectare is 160 tons in the area not irrigated, and in the irrigated area around 220 tons per hectare.

Farms / Lands: Code: 422
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Farms / Lands: Code: 422
Localization: Goiás - Goiania-GO
Total area: 20.000 ha
Open area: 17.500 ha
Main purpose: Production of alcohol
Price: 200.000.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: A combinar
- 20.000 hectares of Lands - 12.500 hectares of farming(sugar cane),
5.000 hectares of Pastures (formed and native), 2.500 hectares of Permanent Reservation, Highways, Villa and Improvements.
- 01 distillery of Cane with grinding capacity of
4.000 Tons/Day (Four suits mill 54 Zanini) and
distillation of 240.000 Liters/Day (moisturized alcohol).
-01 Soy smasher Tecnal with process capacity of 700 Tons/Day.
-01 Graneleiro of soy of 27.000 Tons bottom Half-V,
with capacity of discharge of 150 Tons/Hour and dryer of 100 Tons/Hour.
-01 Graneleiro of soy of 62.000 Tons bottom Half-V, with capacity of discharge of 240 Tons/Hour and dryer of 120 Tons/Hour.
-01 grocery store of Bran for 7.000 Tons, with capacity of
shipment of 50 Tons/Hour.
-02 tanks of oil for 1.400 Ton.
-03 tanks of alcohol for 10.800.000 liters.
-01 thermoelectrical with generation capacity of 2
-01 PCH with capacity of generation of 4 Mw/h.
-94 headboard dams.
-05 Central Pivots with irrigation capacity of
740 hectares.
-70.000 mt2 of concluded asphalt this year.
-01 complete project of irrigation with vinhaça -
composed by 12.500 mts of tubing of RPVC
this year.
Machines (patrol, carrregadeiras,
retro-digging machines, mat tractors, simple tractors, dump trucks etc.)
-90 houses for residents.
-01 new industrial restaurant, operated by GR.
-01 lodging for 55 assistants.
-connection with CELG, could export and import energy.
-65 km of net of high voltage of 34,5 Kw.
-4.000 heads of cattle nelore - Bought of VR.
-01 school of Literacy for children of
-01 Medicate-dental clinic.
-Village attended by 04 phones of Brasiltelecom.
-01 Machine for Seeds with capacity of
60.000 sacks.

This report has all the characteristics and
I inform that this industry has good profitability, around 20% of annual average.

Farms / Lands: Code: 420
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Farms / Lands: Code: 420
Localization: São José do Xingú - Sao Jose Do Xingu-MT
Total area: 22.554 ha
Open area: 12.874 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - Fattening
Price: 20.300.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: It can be negotiated
22.554,40 hectares of total area
12.874,40 of pastures Branquiara
Main house.
04 houses for employees
01 lodgings for single
01 refectory with TV
01 office
01 house of salt
01 corral with scale
01 large tent for machines
02 phone lines
Eletric energy.
01 landing track scutched with hangar
The farm is all served with corridors that gives access for the corrals facilitating the handling of the cattle.
240 pastures divisions all with gates.
The farm possesses 2 whole retreats with material house
Being the first retreat with 4 material houses for herdsmen and foreman
The second with 2 houses of wood and corral
The farm possesses more 6 corrals to facilitate the handling of the cattle
The farm is all served of water
The farm is served by 2 roads.
The farm this located 70 miles of the freezer
24 miles of São José of Xingu
40 miles of Santa Cruz do Xingu
Topography glides.
Red and loamy soil.
The farm where has undulation is earth of excellent quality.
The farm has today 13.500 oxen and it can be negotiated.

Farms / Lands: Code: 411
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Farms / Lands: Code: 411
Localization: Barra do Garças - Barra Do Garcas-MT
Total area: 37.000 ha
Open area: 28.700 ha
Main purpose: Cattle - Production of Biodiesel
Price: 0,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: It can be negotiated
Total area: 37.000 hectares.
Area formed in artificial pastures: 15.000 hectares.
Area formed in farming: 11.000 hectares.
Area closed for pastures or farmings: 2.200 hectares.
Area of legal reservation: 8.300 hectares.



? 15.000 hectares formed in pastures: brachiarão, humidicola and andropogon.
? Done several subdivisions with covered hods for salt.
? Several houses for employees.
? Large tents, grocery stores, offices and etc...
? Main house of high pattern (area 55.000 m2 with orchards).
? 01 landing track.
? 05 complete corrals.
? Channeled water and electric power for the residences and other dependences.
? 03 semi-artesian wells of 300 meters of depth.
? Several fogs and dams.
? 3.000 cattle heads (now).


? 11.000 hectares of land for agriculture, where were planted since 2.000,
soy, castor oil plant, corn and rice.

P.s.: Remaining of the area 2.200 hectares own for pastures or soy farming.
8.300 hectares quagmire area, destined to the legal reservation.

Industry of Vegetable Oils:

? Installed in the farm, Industrial unit destined to process of vegetable oils, especially castor oil plant oil and soy, with your industrial park of 13.347,48 m2 of built area:
1) - line of castor oil plant greeting in peel composed of 3 castor oil plant descascadeiras Nux, pre-cleaning sieve, hurricanes, dam and pneumatic system for sending of peels to feeding of the kettles, besides elevators and baga transporters to the large tent 2.
2) - independent electric system with cabine and control panels for illumination of the large tents, command of motors and fire system.
3) - building of 1.500 m 2 of covered metallic construction of concrete and masonry, covered with tiles of aluminum of 0,5 mm, and I step of mesh of 5/16 of 15 cm x 15 cm, with 0,12 cm of concrete and finish in granelite, right foot of 5,5 meters. And towed walls and painted, externamente with enamel and latex.
4) - line of baga greeting cleans composed of sieve dessimétrica for selection of seeds, pré-cleaning sieve, descascador sailors Nux, elevators, return transporters the initial line, besides grain separador me hurricanes for absorption of cleaning. Electric system and building same to the first.
5) - preparation line with cozinhadores, presses, filters, moega, centrifuge oil carriers, of pie vapor line, water, oil and condensed with capacity for 200 tons/day and it structures civil ready to bend the capacity and installation of press group and filter. Electric system and building same to the first, being right foot with 6,5 meters.
6) - extraction line for solvent, with independent electric cabine, installed in enclosed building of 3 pavement, and 104,16 m2 with capacity for 120 ton. pie /day installed in 283,8 m2 of built area of cooling tower, transporters for pie and tank of buried inox, wired protecting in the whole area.
7) - complete bran line with mill, moega, balances, ensacadeira, costuradeiras of sacks, elevators and transporters. Electric Cabine same to the first building, building with 600 m2.
8) - workshop and Almoxarifado with pieces and tools installed at building with 863,79 m2, besides closed patio with having wired and provisioning of gasoline.
9) - building with 792,79 area m2 built with right foot of 6,20 meters with independent electric cabine, firewood cutter, concrete floors for storage of combustible material.
10) - building with 500,44 area m2 built with right foot of 11,30 meters, installed Central Electric own for the generation of energy, 1.3 MW Darken Generator fed to vapor of the Kettle, with reversible distribution for energy of Cia Rede Cemat, besides enclosed cooling with 164,35 of built area.

Farms / Lands: Code: 410
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Farms / Lands: Code: 410
Localization: São Paulo - Sao Paulo-SP
Total area: 121 ha
Open area: 121 ha
Main purpose: Production of alcohol and sugar
Price: 180.000.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: It can be negotiated
In the area has great readiness of lands to enlarge the production. Current grinding of 800.000 tons.


04 mill suits 30 x 54 complete, equipped with mats of I drag with donelli in all we have them with space to place more two have.

Installation of more 2(dois) suits 78 for the Crop 2008/2009 (acquired).

01 large tent that is going from greeting of the cane to the broth treatment composed of two bridges rolantes of 20 tons each.

01 hilo with capacity of 30 tons for cane discharge in the table

01 hilo with capacity of 30 tons for discharge of pricked cane.

01 kettle enlarged for 120 tons of vapor 21Kgf.

01 manufacture of sugar with capacity of 8.000 bags day.

01 distillation apparel with capacity of 350.000 liters/day among having Moisturized and Anidro.Safra 2005 / 2006 100% Alcohol.

01 large tent for I deposit of sugar with approximately 100 x 15 bridge rolante

02 generators of energy, being one of 1.500 kva Mausa and turbine Dedini 0 another of 3.750 kva-Toshiba, with turbines Texas.

Today the grinding capacity is of 4.500 tons a day, for the crop 2008/2009 it will go to 8.000 tons day.

All the equipments of the mills and turbines are Dedini.

Support area, administrative, technique social. (industrial workshop, industrial laboratory, sucrose, cane, office, tavern, 02 balance bus station and other).

In the agricultural section:

Agricultural workshop, all the implements, trucks, tractors finally all the agricultural machines.

8.500 hectares of leased lands, with possibility of contract transfer. Increase of 2.500 hectares in 2006. Totaling 11.000 hectares of leased lands.

For 2007, 5000 hectares are already reserved for planting.

Own area of approximately of 121 hectares, where it is installed the industrial park and the agricultural section.

Farms / Lands: Code: 288
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Farms / Lands: Code: 288
Localization: Sorocaba - Sorocaba-SP
Total area: 15 ha
Open area: 15 ha
Main purpose: Alcohol plant
Price: 65.000.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: It can be negotiated
Industrial Descriptive memorial of Equipments

01 scale bus station 60 Toneladas mark Jundiaí.
01 scale bus station 80 Tons mark Jundiaí
01 hangar metallic 800 covered m2.
01 Ponte rolling 15 tons mark Mausa
01 Ponte rolling 15 tons mark Mausa
01 Ponte rolling 10 tons for maintenance marks Mausa
01 Tombador of cane discharge marks Motocana
01 hangar of masonry 800 covered m2
01 newsstand 15th for cane reception
01 newsstand 45th for cane Wash marks Fazenaro
01 cutter of cane marks Mantoni 48
01 group reducer turbine c400 for acionamento of the picador marks Aces
01 cane shredding marks Dedini Modelo Cop 6 48
01 group of reducer turbine GHH to turn on the shredding
01 metallic mat completes for cane transport.
01 fast mat of eraser for transport of shredded cane
01 group of mill 26 x 48 complete with donely pressure roll in all the suits
01 group of mill acionamento composed of 01 reducer marks MG model 740.
01 turbine marks Aces multiple apprenticeship 2000 HP, that works the 2nd, 3rd and 4th suit.
01 group of acionamento of the 1st suit composed of a planetary reducer marks Renk Zanini pot. 500 HP, worked by motor Weq 450 HP with frequency investor.
01 Rotative sieve for 200 m3 / hour marks Próminas.
01 kettle marks Dedini for 45 Ton / hour 21 kg/cm2, complete with automation of Smar.
01 group of mats for pulp transport with acionamento.
01 hangar for covering of the kettle and deposit of pulp 500 covered m2.
01 group darkens generator composed of a turbine multiple apprenticeship marks Aces 2000 HP coupled to a generator 1500 kva marks complete weg with panels and keys reversoras.
01 transformer of potency of 500 kva
01 transformer of potency of 400 kva
01 transformer of potency of 125 kva
01 transformer of potency of 300 kva
01 apparel of distillation of moisturized alcohol marks Codistil model flegistil for 90 m3 / hour, complete.
01 apparel of distillation of moisturized alcohol marks Conger for 60 m3 / hour I complete.
01 apparel of distillation of moisturized alcohol marks Pirainox for 60 m3 / hour I complete
01 Apartelho for rectification of neutral alcohol for 50 m3 / hour that is being adapted for alcohol anidro.
12 Dornas for fermentation with capacity 200 m3 each, being 8 of them with dressing room of heat through plates.
02 Dornas voantes capacity 200 m3 each
02 vats for treatment of ferment capacity of 40 m3 each.
02 centrifuge ferment sifters marks Mausa model SCM 60
02 complete metallic building for lodgings of the distillation apparel.
01 cooling tower marks Hidroterme for 500 m3 / hour.
05 tank of steel carbon 60 m3 each.
04 tanks of steel carbon 40 m3 each
01 tank of steel carbon 200 m3 each
01 tank of steel carbon 600 m3 each
01 tank of steel carbon 500 m3 each
02 tanks of steel carbon 2000 m3
Several motive bombs and reducers
01 garage completes with lathes, drills, you conspire of solders etc.
01 Industrial laboratory and of complete cane payment with all the equipment ratified.


Relationship of the main equipments and of larger values.

 Capacity of expansion of the Plant / Agricultural:
 With investment can double the capacity

 Own Cane:
 200.000 Tons

 Cana Third:
 300.000 Tons

 10.000 m3

 Capacidade of the Plant today:
 500.000 Tons / Harvest

Sorocaba - SP - Brazil

Price: Current value U$65.000.000,00 + passive of U$10.000.000,00.

Farms / Lands: Code: 279
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Farms / Lands: Code: 279
Localization: Piracicaba - Piracicaba-SP
Total area: 556 ha
Open area: 363 ha
Main purpose: Alcohol plant
Price: 12.727.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: To Combine

Farms / Lands: Code: 258
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Farms / Lands: Code: 258
Localization: Belo Horizonte - Belo Horizonte-MG
Total area: 300 ha
Open area: 0 ha
Main purpose: Iron Ore extraction
Price: 12.000.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: Farm Sold.

The mine is formed basically by two types of iron ore, being the first constituted by rich itabirite and the second by pebbles of hematite of the type rolled with high text of Iron Ore, it is also observed a covering of the cape in a large part of the deposit.


The mine is to sky open, completely automated and in the moment it just contemplates the hematite deposits, it presents under the form of rolled pebbles. Disassemble it it is done with tractor. Until the moment there was not the need of use of explosive. The transport of the product to the installation to benefit is made by trucks. The covering of the cape, as well as the iron ore of low text, inserted with clay, it is marketed for highway construction, with excellent results.


Works of superficial surveys, excavations of wells and galleries, allowed the calculation of the reservations, according to the picture below, but the considered geologists opinion (CVRD and CSN), the reservation was calculated and esteemed above 50,000,000 tons, but it is necessary a deep survey:


USD 12 million of dollars, constituting for the underground and the soil


It will be necessary the installation of: a vibratory feeder equipped with screen of 2 pol, a thrower oversize and a primary crusher of jaws mod. 6240. Soon after the whole material will pass in a sieve of three decks, mod. 5020, he/she saw humid, being the first deck equipped with screen of 1 pol. and the second and third decks equipped respectively with screen of ½ pol. and ¼ pol. The oversize of the first deck (+1 pol.) it will suffer one second it triturates in shut circuit, in a second crusher of jaws mod. 9026. In series with the first sieve the second come it sifts, done by other sieve vibratory mod. 5020 equipped with shower of two decks, being the first with screen of ½ pol. and the second with screen of ¼ pol.. The undersize of both sieves (-1/4 pol.) they are driven to two sieves vibratory mod. 3015 disposed in parallel. In this phase the sinter feed is removed of the circuit. The whole circuit of it triturates it can be seen in the program to benefit. The material that it is rejected, it consists of the material below 0,1mm it is thrown in tanks to decant and later on marketed together
with the material for highway production.

Farms / Lands: Code: 215
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Farms / Lands: Code: 215
Localization: Nordeste - Recife-PE
Total area: 0 ha
Open area: 0 ha
Main purpose: Alcohol plant
Price: 24.000.000,00 U$ Dollars
Payment: It can be parceled out

- Scale
- Probe Hydraulics for Sucrose
- I tow Hilo
- Large tent of Cane with two Bridges Rolling 25 tons each
- Hydraulic claw
- Feed Table 15x45
- Cane feeding
- Picador
- Shredding
- I roll leveling
- It mats fast
- Eletro magnet
- Group of 4 mills DEDINE composed of 4 suits 34x66 with acionamento 2x2 equipped with CHUTTI DONELLI and PRESS ROLER
- It mats pulp carrier
- A Kettle 70 tons with 21 Kg of pressure
- A Kettle 70 tons with 21 Kg of pressure
- A Kettle 70 tons with 21 Kg of pressure (new, it was only tested).
- An I Darken Generator of 5.000 KVA (new)
- Factory of Sugar with capacity of processing 15.000 bags day
- Large tent for storage for sugar
- A group of Distillation of alcohol (ANIDRO and MOISTURIZED) nominal capacity of 120.000 liters
- Tancagem for alcohol
- Laboratory
- Storeroom

New industry having worked only three harvests.
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